Norwegian Wrestler in danger of being suspended for one year

The Norwegian wrestler Oskar Marvik has been given three warnings for breaching the duty to report regulations, but the national team wrestler believes that Antidoping Norway (ADNO) has assessed the case incorrectly. He is supported by the Norwegian Wrestling Federation.


ADNO's prosecuting committee has submitted a request that Marvik be banned for one year as a result of three breaches of the duty to report regulations. Marvik does not agree that the conditions for exclusion have been met, and the case will now be dealt with by NIF's sentencing committee. The parties disagree about parts of the facts that are the basis for ADNO's warnings, how the calculation of the 12-month period according to the obligation to report regulations should be done, and that Marvik has committed three breaches.

It is the Norwegian Wrestling Federation who writes this in a press release on their website.

The Prosecution Board notes in its proceedings that there are no grounds to suspect Marvik of doping. According to the prosecution, there has been no evidence of any kind of behavior that gives rise to the suspicion that the athlete has deliberately tried to avoid being available for sampling. In the relevant period from 2022 to 2023, Marvik has submitted six negative doping tests.

Around 15 cases world wide each year

In the Anti-Doping Database we have registered close to 200 doping cases where the athlete has failed to provide whereabout information. Around 15 athletes is banned for not providing this information each year.

USA is the country with the most athletes who has violated this rule (2.4 in the World Anti-Doping Code). So far we have registered 29 americans who has been banned for not providing whereabout information.

In total 27 Russian athletes has been banned. Number three on our list is France with 14 banned athletes.

Athletics is the sport with the most violations of rule 2.4 - 52 athletes in total. Swimming (15) and Wrestling (12) follows.

Out of the nearly 200 athletes, 62 has been given a one year suspension. 55 has been banned for two years and 17 has been banned for 18 months.

- Enormous stress

- I am committed to complying with my duties as a reporting officer, and am now doing what I can to contribute to thorough and efficient case management. I am currently preparing for the Olympic qualifiers, and this case is a huge strain on me. Fortunately, I have great faith that it will be resolved, says Oskar Marvik, who is looking forward to the hearing in NIF's sentencing committee.

As a registered athlete and scholarship athlete at Olympiatoppen, Marvik has completed the Clean Athlete course. He has also attended lectures on anti-doping and takes the reporting obligation very seriously. He has been subject to reporting since 2019 without any comments prior to this case, but, like many other athletes, has experienced technical challenges with the reporting service.

-Technical problems

- The day before the deadline for the quarterly report, I was tested for doping. I was sure that the reporting and the system worked after double-checking it three days before the deadline, even in the middle of the night at 02:44, says Oskar Marvik.

As usual, Marvik sat down to deliver the quarterly report by the deadline. As he was on a training session abroad, he had to use the mobile app to submit the report, instead of the PC he normally uses. He thought that everything was delivered and in order, and logged in and checked several times. Marvik believes that technical problems with the mobile app meant that the registration was still not updated in time.

Marvik believes a warning for this is extremely unreasonable because it is a technical error and he has been in good faith that he has done everything correctly. It was reinforced by the fact that, the day before the deadline, he had a visit from ADNO for doping control.