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Get the information you need to stay ahead of the curve in the fight against doping with the Anti-Doping Database. We give you instant access to a comprehensive overview of sanctioned athletes from every sport and country.

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Doing a story on doping in sport?

Get the information you need for your story in seconds rather than days.
The Anti-Doping Database are used by journalists at the largest news organisations in the world.
Our database have current information on doping cases, including cases that are no longer available on the internet.
We create features with journalists in mind and know the importance of sourcing data quickly.

Defending an athlete who has violated an anti-doping rule?

By using the Anti-Doping Database, you can save time and get valuable information to help defend your client.Our database contains information on more than 12000 doping sanctions, dating back to the 1960s and you will get access to legal papers no longer publicly available online.
Easily search and explore sabotage, contamination and legal decisions.

Researching anti-doping and need trustworthy data?

Using the Anti-Doping Database will make your research faster and give you all information needed. Highly acclaimed research institutions and universities around the world trust and use us. Our research tool provide data on more than 12000 doping sanctions since the 1960s not found elsewhere.

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The Dopinglist is a reliable source, alfa and omega in todays journalism. Easy and fast to use.

Questions are answered rapidly and accurate. Great site.

Nils Kr. Reppen

Graphics Journalist | NTB AS

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The Anti-Doping Database is a unique resource that provides insights into doping trends in sports around the world.
We register information on athletes who have violated an anti-doping rule, regardless of sport or nationality. This data allows us to identify patterns and trends, such as which sports have the biggest problem with doping and which substances are most commonly used.

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