Mo Katir faces doping ban after missing doping tests

World-renowned Spanish athlete Mohamed Katir is provisionally suspended after failing to provide whereabout information three times within a year.


In the Anti-Doping Database we have registered close to 200 athletes who has been banned for failing to provide whereabout information. USA is the country with the most athletes banned for violating this rule with 29 athletes. Russia follows with 27 athletes. This years Olympic Games host, France, has banned 14 athletes.

Track and Field is the sport with the most sanctioned athletes with 52 cases registered in our database. Swimming comes second with 15 followed by wrestling (12).

Out of the 196, 62 were given a one year suspension while 55 has been given a two year ban. 15 has been sidelined for 18 months and 10 has been banned for four years.

Official statement from Mo Katir (translated from website Corredor):

Today Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) has informed me of a provisional suspension due to what it considers a violation of the rules derived from three location failures in the last twelve months (whereabouts).

During the disciplinary procedure, AIU has agreed to my provisional suspension. Since I do not agree with the aforementioned decision adopted by AIU, I am prepared to appeal it to the corresponding authorities to be able to compete during the processing of the procedure.

I consider that there is no violation arising from three location failures in the last twelve months. In some of the location failures reported by AIU, I was available at the place, date and times provided by me. Over the last few months and years I have been subjected to a large number of out-of-competition doping controls in both urine and blood samples, without the slightest problem on my part.

It is important to keep in mind that we are not dealing with a case of violating doping rules for the use of prohibited substances or methods, or even for evading out-of-competition doping controls. This is a simple file derived from the completion of location data on the ADAMS platform that could generate location errors (whereabouts).

I am going to proceed to defend myself in the appropriate instances, as it cannot be otherwise. Therefore, I request that the right to the presumption of my innocence be respected until the corresponding procedure is processed and concluded.

The Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA), in response to the announcement made by the athlete Mohamed Katir, wishes to express the following:

The RFEA reaffirms its firm and forceful position against doping in sport. It is necessary to emphasize that the integrity of the competition and the sportsmanship spirit constitute the fundamental pillars of a clean and fair sport, and must be defended above any sporting achievement.

The Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA) is committed to rigorous compliance with the current national and international legal framework on doping, which includes all the provisions of the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

Consequently, once the official notification regarding the opening of the file was received by the World Athletics Integrity Unit, the athlete's license was immediately suspended.

Regarding the actions that the athlete may take to defend their interests, the RFEA will remain attentive to the decisions adopted by the competent authorities.

We reiterate our commitment to integrity, justice and sports ethics, values ​​that we consider essential for the development and integrity of athletics.